Founded in 1983, we are a privately held company headquartered in Singapore. We currently have operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. Our clientele includes government ministries, local enterprises, multi-national corporations and also system integrators.

We provide a diverse range of integrated system support services to meet today’s informational technology needs of our clients. These services include consultation, design, hardware/ software supply/ disposal, management, implementation, integration, servicing and maintenance.

Apart from our vast range of offerings, we are committed to deliver the highest service level available in today’s industry. Also, using a multi-prong approach and numerous case studies that emphasizes on competitive decision making, reliable support and continuous innovation, we possess the strength to confidently outrival contemporaries across the spectrum.


Leveraging on the vast experiences of our management team, we surge ahead in our provision of cutting edge services in our region. We are poised to extend our operations by adding more services to our business scope and shall fulfill our potential to be the preferred one-stop enterprise system service provider for our region.


With organizations today placing absolute emphasis on the delivery of quality service with minimize investments, we are your essential partner in ascertaining this growing trend. We strive to be Asia Pacific's best enterprise systems service provider with services that sets new industry benchmarks. We strive to achieve this through our relentless pursuit of being the best in what we do by pushing the limits of innovation to deliver value to our customers, stakeholders and employees.


We have in place a philosophy that places customers’ needs as the first priority. In practice, this is actualized not only by offering prompt execution and a broad gamut of services, but also by backing our expertise with solid experiences and know-how. Our knowledge in our deliverables is unparallel, and our broad suite of products and services that includes system hardware maintenance, relocation services, managed services, business continuity services, is a portfolio capable of catering to any organization.

Concurrently, we continuously research, with our customers, further solutions that would eventually transact to enhance business value and cost savings. We view this not only as an essential development of relationships, but as a long term partnership centered on consistently increasing the worth of our customer business.